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The 2018 Row by Row Experience Shop Hop begins on June 21. The theme this year is “Sew Musical”.

2018 Row by Row Experience Shop Hop

Our “Row” is titled “Nature’s Notes”. “Find a quiet place in the outdoors and listen to the “Notes of Nature”. The individual notes from the wildlife, wind, rain, brooks, streams and lakes all combine into a symphony that is relaxing and exciting at the same time. This symphony is constantly being played for our enjoyment, is heard by few and too often unappreciated.”

Paradise being the Wild Blueberry Capital of Michigan, our “Row” wouldn’t be complete without wild blueberries. The notes of “Nature’s Notes” are wild blueberries and the flags of the notes are blueberry leaves. Complete kits, including the buttons will be available.

For complete details and Shop Hop rules go to

Make the Paradise Area your summer destination and stop into Village Fabrics & Crafts for an exclusive kit.

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Updated 03.05.2018