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Posted 05/01/21



New items are still arriving and you will receive 10% OFF those as well!

Take advantage of the sale to get those items which have been on your “Wish List” before they are gone forever!

NOTE Fees for sewing machine services and scissor sharpening are not included in the sale.

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Posted 04/30/21

Village Fabrics & Crafts


Nearly 35 years ago we opened Village Fabrics & Crafts. Over the years we have made lifelong friends and met fascinating people. It has truly been a great adventure and has been both a joyous pleasure and honor to provide you with the best in books, supplies, patterns, threads, fabrics, yarns and so many other exciting products. Your trust in us has been very humbling.

Our deepest heartfelt thank you to all of you wonderful customers that has made 35 years possible. You have been supportive and loyal thru the business challenges of recessions, road constructions, state park closures and most recently the closings and restrictions due to Covid to name just a few. No matter what the challenges you have always been there for us and we can’t tell you how truly grateful we are.

You are more than customers to us, you are treasured friends. Your hugs, whether filled with laughter or tears have carried us thru family celebrations, health issues and loses. These memories will remain in our hearts forever.

It is definitely with mixed emotions that we have decided to retire. While it may appear to be a very sudden decision, we have been planning this day for last several years. It is time to enjoy nature’s beauty to it’s fullest, sew, knit, embroider, garden, do a little fishing and definitely picking wild blueberries and other forest fruits. We may even explore other things which we don’t even know about yet!

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Posted 04/29/21


Open on Wednesday thru Sunday from 10-4. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Masks are still required for entry!

For up-to-the minute news of What’s New and what is happening at Village Fabrics & Crafts and in the Paradise Area, follow us on Facebook, sign up for our emails or check the webpage. We post pictures of new items and other fascinating things in the Paradise area. Posted 4/29/21

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Announced 04/12/21

Honey Bees

Honey bees on honeycomb are frequent requests. We just received a new print that has terrific color and detail.

Patience is the rule these days. We have so many fabrics and yarns on backorder, some as far back as last December. They continue to trickle in at a snail’s pace. We will keep you informed as they arrive and suggest that you make your selections soon as reorders are just as slow. Also, nearly daily, we are receiving notices of price increases. Best to make your purchases now before prices go up any further.

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Announced 04/01/21

Creative Grids has done it again! Their newest ruler is 12 1/2” wide x 24 1/2” long. Now you can cut strips wider than 8 1/2” which up until now was their widest ruler. Creative Grids rulers have the exclusive gripper dots which grab your fabrics and prevent the rulers from slipping as you cut. Our first shipment just arrived and they are in stock now.

We have two brand new digitally printed fabrics. One is a gorgeous panel featuring two swans. The second is a subtle stripe in a burst of colors reminiscent of spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

New Flannel Fabrics

Flannel fabrics are year round favorites and plaids are the hottest trend right now. A new shipment of plaid flannels including two in green, a light blue, and the perennial favorite red/black buff alo check. More are on the way, too!

New smaller cuts of felted wools are now available in all the colors we have been stocking. Now you have the convenience of smaller pieces when a large one is more than you need.

New cross stitch kits and beaded cross stitch kits are in. Choose from a cute ladybug, a trout design and a happy pink elephant to name a few.

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Posted 02/17/21

New Fabrics

The fungus are back! Remember playing with the shelf fungus that grows on trees? This digital print captures the beauty of those treasures perfectly. This is an interesting texture print with some great tones of colors. We had this a while back and it sold out immediately so don’t wait too long to get yours now that it is back in stock.

This nature print is of colorful swirling designs and it reminds me of the agates you may be lucky enough to find on the shores of Lake Superior. It is a digital print so you know the detail and colors are superb.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks! We are fascinated with them and we collect them. This allover rock print fabric will remind you of a stoney river bottom or the lakeshore.

And a reminder that summer will return; a beautiful new sunflower print fabric. They are so cheerful!

Hand embroidery is the star of the day. The new book features fresh, new modern designs for absolute beginners. It is very portable, can be as free-form and personalized as you like and lots of fun!

We are ordering new yarns to arrive soon!

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New items are arriving almost daily. For up-to-the minute news of What’s New and what is happening in the Paradise Area, follow us on Facebook.

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